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nd we change, we grow. Then we move forward again from that place of growth. 

‘Yes, and...’ m.The Doorway Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition space on 25 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2. 
This new gallery space will feature, a new artist each week,  and this week we are featuring
Roisin O'Farrell

How 'Yes, And' can change your perspective? 

My life has changed, in almost every way measurable, in the last few years. 
My kids were in school before the pandemic, and now they are up and grown, even if they are still 'technically' living at home.
And I am now in a relationship with a man who lives abroad which has led to experiencing Malta and Ethiopia in a way that I could never have imagined four years ago. 

The route of the changes lies in a 'Yes, and ...' mindset. 

Saying Yes blindly can just be downright unhealthy, but we know that waiting until everything is perfect also doesn't work. Not taking risks, or making changes, leads to sleepwalking through our lives. 

‘Yes, and...’ means learning to question and to trust, to engage with people and place and to co-create something that could only have arisen from that interaction.

Exhibition Details: Title: ‘Yes, and...’

My business has changed from teaching how to paint online to leading in-person retreats for painters and creatives in locations across the world. 


You've heard the saying, "Jump and the universe will catch you" but life has taught me that the universe 'might' catch you. Or, maybe it won't. 


To me, there’s a big difference between ‘Yes ..but’ and ‘Yes and ..’.  ‘Yes, but …’ is controlling, It doesn’t listen; it closes down options out of fear. 

A 'Yes, And' philosophy is all about embracing the unknown and taking that first step with a courageous mindset.  But it's also about collaboration and trust. 

With a ‘yes .. and’ approach, we move when the way forward fits with our values, with who we are or, more importantly, who we want to be. We listen, we allow the people and the experience to challenge us, and we change, we grow. Then we move forward again from that place of growth. 



Over the past three years, this philosophy has led me to step beyond my kitchen studio, to rekindle and deepen old relationships and open up to forging new connections. A ‘Yes, And..’ approach has also allowed me to truly immerse myself in the places I inhabit, the landscapes of Co. Wicklow. And to be open to experiencing other places, in particular, the landscape of Malta and Ethiopia, where this ‘Yes, and...’  journey has led me to.  ROISIN O'FARRELL


Venue: The Doorway Gallery, 25 Frederick Street, Dublin 2 

Exhibition Dates: September 11th - 23rd

Residency:  September 11th - 22ndrd Studio next to The Doorway Gallery

Meet the Artist: Friday, September 22nd, 2023, as part of Culture Night. All are welcome.