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The Doorway Gallery is delighted to host an exhibition by Lucy Doyle, entitled, Blue Moon, on Thursday, May 2nd between 6-7.30pm on 24 South Frederick Street.


‘Blue Moon’ represents a year in my life.  I started work on these paintings late in 2017, concluding the final one by the end of 2018.


The subject matter of my work is a reflection of my life in rural County Wicklow with my family, friends and animals. I let an idea for a painting slowly evolve in an open and organic way; letting it gradually filter through into my consciousness, where it gains momentum, until finally emerging as a complete idea for a painting.  All this must happen before I can start on the practicalities of reproducing it into paint on canvas. In this way I can paint something that has its origins in something so abstract as a feeling, mood or sense of place; a painting that is intensely personal and authentic to me.


The moon is such an integral and romantic part of all our lives, full of mystery and significance and 2018 was a special year.  Two full moons in the months of January and March, two blue moons, a super moon and two total lunar eclipses.  I have always been drawn to moonscapes for the mood and colour palette it inspires.  So, I had no hesitation in naming this recent collection, Blue Moon, after one of my large canvases of the same name.


Flower paintings are always a large part of my repertoire, and this year is no exception.  However, a cold and wintery spring in 2018 meant a very slow start to my usual flower painting season, with my dahlias only looking their best in September /October. 


Family events also feature highly in my paintings, after all my daughters have always been, and continue to be, my muses.   This means that my paintings have followed them though their lives and now, their growing families.  This also includes their pets, which explains the sudden appearance in my work of a rather beautiful ruby Cavalier Spaniel named Crumble who spent the summer impacting his charisma and boundless energy on us and everything in his wake.

I hope this goes some way to explain how and why I paint what I paint.


However, what I have ultimately set out to achieve in my lifetime, is to persue the complex journey of a colourist and picture-maker; continuing to challenge and explore the endless permutations and possibilities of what makes for me, a good and enduring life-enhancing painting.  That is why each painting is unique, representing a moment in my life.


I would like to extend a big thank you to all of you that continue to support, follow and enjoy my work, sharing this visual journey with me, and ultimately helping to complete the life cycle of each painting, which are after all to be enjoyed and looked at. .” Lucy Doyle



Reception Details:

Date: Thursday, May 2nd

Time: 6 – 7.30 pm

Refreshments Served