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The Doorway Gallery is delighted to host an exclusive show by Lucy Doyle entitled ‘Feast’ .  The show will officially be opened by Bairbre Power, Fashion Editor of Irish Independent and Weekend Magazine. which will take place Thursday May 4th 6-7.30pm, at No. 24 South Frederick St, and is scheduled to run until May 31st .


I started work on this exhibition in autumn 2015, directly after my daughters wedding, which we celebrated at home, and so took up months of preparation, working on the garden etc.  From out of all the excitement and celebrations ,ideas for paintings began to take shape. Flower girls, garden-scapes, food-laden tables, and flower arrangements became  a rich source of inspiration for the work I was planning to do for my next  show.  And so Feast emerged.


I like to keep an open mind and relaxed attitude when it comes my subject matter.  This enables me to be very eclectic and source ideas from the place and people around me, or from reading books, watching films, looking at paintings from art history or simply a feeling, a whim, nostalgia or even  a mood.


When it comes to composing and constructing a painting from an idea, I like to incorporate an element of experimentation.   I achieve this by experimenting with new ways to apply the paint.  In Feast I have explored different coloured grounds within one composition, from terre verte to cadmium red, as well as my old favourite rose and ochre hues.  Hopefully finding different ways to represent my idea of space and form two-dimensionally, as I like to push the boundaries and the limits of my style so as to keep it alive with vitality and freshness.

When it comes to the act of painting itself, and when I finally get out the paints and start laying out the composition, I very quickly let the interplay of colour and textures that are  created in the moment, take president.   Whatever it takes to produce a balanced harmonious painting where the colours remain vibrant and stand alone it where I am at.  At this stage previous plans of content and narrative might be shelved or compromised to the betterment of the whole.


As I am essentially concerned with the interplay of colour and textures that the paint itself presents to me .I set out to achieve a  living painting,ie where colour and the actual substance of the paint reigns supreme, I want my work to stand alone so that it creates a physical rather than a narrative reaction, that is why I celebrate the 2D qualities of the canvas in a decorative way and why I work in impasto and palette knife which keeps  me in tune with the pure physicality of the paint in all its tactile, colour infused buttery beauty."   Lucy Doyle







Reception Details:

Date: Thursday 4th May

Special Guest: Bairbre Power, Fashion Editor of Irish Independent and Weekend Magazine

Time: 6 – 7.30pm

Refreshments Served