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Louise Shearer

Louise Shearer Louise has been a professional artist for the past 20 years, her work has been sold all over the world and she works from her studio in the serene countryside of Co. Wicklow. Her experience and skill to paint and create works of art are informed by her extensive study of Fine Art in Dliadt and she also holds an honours degree in the History of Art and Psychology. Louise is a teacher of fine art in her own School of Art in Wicklow, her teaching is a very important part of her work as an artist. Louise has completed numerous courses and studied alongside some of Ireland's leading artists in the RHA. Life drawing and painting are a regular practice for Louise. Her studies of the nude are sold and enjoyed by many collectors of Art. Abstract landscapes Inspiration for Louise’s abstract landscapes are her surroundings in Wicklow, the land, the sea and the skyscapes and her love of travelling. Vibrant colours, rich and intuitive drawing and mark making combine to make for a lively and satisfying composition. The abstracted pieces are not merely a recording of the view but rather an emotional sense of the connection between the viewer and the space. They are an expression of the landscape as living, dynamic and ever changing. My Process My paintings usually start with intuitive application of drawing, paint strokes and colour until I get a feel for how the work should evolve. From here I can expand on the painting with more reliance on my skill and experience of the principles of painting and drawing. I build up glazes of paint, drawn marks and line and my passionate love of colour. Often I will sand back areas to reveal some of the underneath layers for an interesting view of the history of the painting. I can spend a lot of time looking and figuring out what each painting needs to bring it to a harmonious and pleasing finish. I critically evaluate the piece to refine and adjust but most importantly I want the emphasis to remain with the initial freedom of the intuitive energetic way in which I work. My painting is complete when I feel there is the correct harmonious balance between the intuitive energy and the careful thoughtful use of values and colour.

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