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Giacomo  Mazzari

Giacomo Mazzari was born in Agazzano (Piacenza) Italy in 1941 and lives and works in Rivergaro ( PC).

He began to paint in 1970, at that time Italy was in the middle of a period of "austerity"  and circulation was forbidden on weekends; so, to pass the time, he decided to get necessary painting materials, since being an architect he was already familiar with drawing and art.

His teacheres were the "impressionists" and "macchiaioli" painters from whom he was initially inspired even copying them and then continued independently until he arrived at a completely personal form of expression. In 1980 his solo show "My forgeries of autor" at the Municipal Library of Rivergaro.

Usually when he paints he prefer to listen to classical music: Beethoven, Vivaldi,  Verdi and so on.

The morfology and definition of space suggested by the environment and the landscape both natural and contaminated by man have always activated, as architect and painter, his attention; the observation of thev natural connotations of breath, light and rhythm of things stimulates him to search for the beauty contained in them and becomes the spark to transfer them on the canvas.

What mostly interests him is trying to create an atmosphere and arouse, if at all, an emotion, leaving the spectator the last world.

They wrote about him:

- " To those who approach his painting I can only suggest that they let themselves be guided, let themselves be navigated to discover that this voyage is a bit ours too. We will thus discover something that already belongs to us, something never lost" (Charly Colombo)

- " Hi is consistent with ideal canons, which no matter how abused and vilified, always retain their value. A solid basic preparation allows him to indulge in verism with refined cromatic and composithional research." ( E. Gnocchi))

- "So Mazzari keeps away from the shaking of everyday reality that forces conflicting, soffering, confused representations; he is far from abstract representations, devoid of an orienting or historicizing meaning. He stands discretely in the background, in a kind of cultural intimacy not disturbed by the art market, and paints an ideally usable reality, brought back to an optimal perceptual condition, immersed in relaxed memory; it is a painting that induces the silent and satisfying sense of living." ( S. Pronti)

- A painting in continuous evolution where the most expensive themes such as landscapes, seascapes, skies, still life, memories are depicted and interpreted with a great feelig almost fantastic, suspended in a aure of magic, between fairy tales and dream, involving the observer in a warm and evocative atmospheres.

The colors are the clothes of the seasons, of the hours, of inner time that wants to communicate or lull in silence, that wants to give or receive, that want to hide or show in a clear and vibrant version at the same time. (Giovanna Bolzoni)

Some solo show from 1974 

-  1974 Proloco Codogno - Milan 

- 1980 Galleria Torrazzo - Cremona 

- 1990 Studio 2C Piacenza

- 2001 Castello Carafa - Santa Severina - Krotone

- 2012 Biblioteca Comunale - Rivergaro

- 2017 Galleria Rosso Tiziano - Piacenza

to the present day

- 2022 Castello Gonzaga - Agazzano

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